Mini Cassette System is the most famous and popular version of the free-hanging blind for tilt and turn windows which open inside, fixed to the window glazing bead with small screws. Side rails glued using double-sided tape. Small compact cassette fits perfectly on the window. 

There is no loss of warranty on the windows!

Decorative aluminum cassette

  • available in 10 colours 
  • can be used as roller, blackout or Day and Night option
  • chain control
  • side guides
  • Brake - the ability to stop the material in any position
  • 2 years warranty
  • High quality and affordable price
  • Installation to the glazing bead, which is part of the removable window. There is no loss of warranty on the windows!

Please also note that NONE of our blinds will provide total blackout.  Mini Cassette System fitted with blackout fabric will provide approx 95% of total darkness.